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    Ray Lloyd
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    I know that many of our colleagues referee in both this & the D&E League, and some of you may not have been able to get to the meeting last Friday but Sin Bins are being used in the whole of the Devon & Exeter League this season. IT IS NOT OPTIONAL, IT IS MANDATORY, but can only be used for Dissent, you cannot caution for Dissent this season it must be done using the Sin Bin. I have included the text given by the league for your attention & information, there is also a link on their webpage with more details. I am available if anyone need clarification, good luck

    The Football Association Temporary dismissals (Sin bins) Pilot for season 2017/2018.The league has been selected by the Football Association to take part in the Temporary dismissals pilot for this season.At the League Management Committee in May concern was raised with regard to how the referees would be able to manage the pilot, as they would not have official assistant referees to help them.We therefore arranged a meeting at America Hall on Friday 11th Aug for the Football Association to come and explain how the pilot would work. All our registered referees and all the clubs were invited. A large number of referees attended but unfortunately only a few clubs attended.Mr Rob Smith from the Football Association Judicial Services Department gave a very clear and comprehensive overview of how the pilot will work and how the referees will manage it.Mr Smith answered numerous questions and at the conclusion off the meeting all the referees present were unanimous that they would be happy to implement the pilot.

    The pilot will start on Saturday 19th August and continue throughout the season.

    The main points of the pilot are :-

    It is only for Devon & Exeter League matches. No cup matches are part of the pilot.

    The temporary dismissal will be for ten minutes from the time the matches restarts,

    after the player has left the pitch. The referee will indicate when the player can return to the


    Temporary dismissals are only used when a yellow card is shown Dissent Offences.

    Players will still be sent off if they commit two other yellow card offences in the match.

    If a player shows dissent a second time and has a second temporary dismissal he cannot return,

    he may however be replaced by a substitute if he has committed no other offences.

    When a temporary dismissal is served the clubs will not be charged £10 by the County F A’s.

    Please see the league website for further details.

    It is hoped that during the pilot the incidents of dissent by players will reduce and with that the

    game will be more enjoyable for everyone, players, officials and spectators.

    Roger Spray

    League Chairman

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    Phil Hiscox
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    Thanks Ray – It is worth stressing though that this scheme is NOT to be used in Cup games – so in October when a Devon & Exeter club plays a SWP East or West club in the Devon Premier Cup Sin-Bins CANNOT be used.

    The SWP was asked to trial this scheme as well, but refused as it could not be used at Steps 1 to 6 of the pyramid and we could not have a rule that affected some divisions of our league but not other divisions.


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    Interesting how it came about as the meeting was supposed to be about how it will work and then it would be decided if it would be in for the season.  Not sure when the management committee voted for it so seems nobody had the chance to say No….  Still I guess a weeks notice and some clubs and refs in attendance means it will all work well……  Not against it but surely it could have been communicated better to all.  Have heard of refs who think it is great idea and others concerned so lets see what happens.

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    Ray Lloyd
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    I think most referees went to the meeting with great concerns about how it would work in practice BUT having listened to the very good presentation we were all convinced it will work, there will probably be a few hiccups to start with but Players/Managers need to help the referees, it is in everyones best interest that it works, and it will save clubs money!!. Ask any referee who still referees or has retired what is the thing that spoils the game for you, I can guarantee they will say moaning & dissent, ask any ex player to take up the whistle and the vast majority will say, they couldn’t put up with the moaning or dissent, so we all know there is a problem, this is a practical way of trying to deal with it. At the end of the pilot we will have some idea if it has made any difference, I will be surprised if it doesn’t.

    We will be discussing this and Law Amendments at the next East Devon RA Meeting on Thursday 21st September, I look forward to seing you all there, Keep Whistling, Ray

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    Ray Lloyd
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    East Devon RA Meeting This Coming Thursday 21st Sept starting at 8pm at Exwick Sports Hub (Exwick Villa)

    This is our first meeting for the new season so as usual we will be looking at Law Amendments/Updates and for those involved in the D&E Football League we will be looking at ‘Sin Bins’ what the system means and an opportunity for you all to share your own experiences Good or Bad. For those not involved in this Trial you will find it interesting and if successful may be introduced at the next level.

    I look forward to seeing you all there,

    ps a reminder to all Committee Members that the monthly meeting starts at 7pm

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