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    Phil Hiscox
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    From next season the South West Peninsula League will be operating two Divisions at Step 6 (the same as the current Premier Division). In order to populate these divisions, clubs have been invited to apply to the FA by December 31st. Once the full list of applicants is known it is important that the process of selecting them is transparent, so we have agreed the following process:

    The two Divisions will each operate under the control of the South West Peninsula League Ltd, who in turn operate under the auspices of the FA at Wembley and it’s Leagues Committee.
    In pursuance of the National League System Regulations the yearly make-up of the divisions is governed by The FA, and any club may be required to move in a lateral manner to ensure an even distribution of clubs.

    Whilst its expected that the Premier West will be mainly Cornish and the Premier East will be mainly Devon, this is not assured.
    Clubs in Devon MAY be moved to an alternative Step 6 Division (Western League) and/or clubs not based in Devon & Cornwall may be moved into the SW Peninsula League – all such matters would be for the leagues committee to rule on and any decision would be appealable to that committee.

    Assuming however that the initial constitution is filled by clubs in Devon & Cornwall, the following priority of allocating the maximum of 40 spaces is:

    Priority Group ONE:

    Clubs who are this season operating in the SWP Premier Division and have not given notice to withdraw by March 31st or been promoted to Step 5 for the following season.

    Priority Group TWO:

    Clubs who in “any other season” would be entitled to be in Step 6 – Examples are any club relegated from Step 5, any clubs who would have been Promoted from Step 7 and any club laterally transferred or placed in the Division by the FA.

    Priority Group THREE:

    Clubs who are members of SWP East or SWP West who hold (on March 31st 2019) an FA Ground Grading of G or H including the installation of floodlighting.
    Examples include East & West clubs who were (or could have been) entrants in this seasons FA Vase.

    Priority Group FOUR:

    Clubs who are members of SWP East or SWP West who, on March 31st 2019, can satisfy the league and the FA that they already meet FA Ground Grading H including active planning permission for any required works including the installation of floodlighting, and give assurances to reach G in full by March 31st 2021.

    Should 36 or more clubs (maximum 40) be accepted from groups 1 to 4 inclusive, then no other clubs will be considered for membership.
    If less than 36 we may look at:

    Priority Group FIVE:

    Clubs who are members of SWP East or SWP West who, on March 31st 2019, do not meet FA Ground Grading H, but can satisfy the league AND The FA that they can meet FA Ground Grading G, including the installation of floodlighting, by March 31st 2021.

    Clubs accepted under Priority Groups Four & Five will be required to provide a detailed plan and costings of the required work (including grants) and provide a written commitment to meet G in full by March 31st 2021 and further accept that failure to comply WILL result in relegation at the end of the 2020/21 season irrespective of league position.

    Clubs in Groups 4 & 5 will not be eligible for promotion to Step 5 or entry into FA Cup or FA Vase, until such time as they have reached the required FA ground grading.

    IF spaces remain unfilled from Groups 1 to 5 ONLY, then:

    Clubs in the feeder leagues with grounds achieving, or committed to achieve, Grade G by March 31st 2021 may be considered.
    Any such clubs will require the FA’s approval to be placed directly at Step 6 and need to provide a detailed background to justify such promotion, it is not sufficient for the SWP alone to allow promotion. League positions of such clubs would also have to demonstrate an ability to compete at Step 6.

    ALL clubs – irrespective of which division or league they are now in –
    Must apply to the FA by December 31st.

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    What, if any information, has been given out to clubs and the masses that support non league clubs and the pyramid system with regard to promotion from the new step 6 leagues to step 5.
    With only one step 5 league on our doorstep, that, at the moment, takes two promotions per season, one being its own league one winners, how would three get into the league. How would they distinguish between two who finished top in the SWPL step 6 leagues for promotion. – Has anything been agreed on this?
    Has anything been agreed on mandatory promotion from both of our step 6 leagues yet ?
    Has the FA gone back on its word that all step 6 leagues will be treated the same. ?
    Were the spokespeople at the last SWPL AGM from the FA just making up a story to satisfy the questions in the room. ?
    Does the league not think that all clubs should be aware of all this information as they are being asked to apply for the new leagues. ?
    I think the saying the FA may wish to remember is ‘O what a web we weave when we practice to deceive’

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    Phil Hiscox
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    So many questions Stuart !

    The FA say promotion from each of the Step 6 divisions is mandatory for the Champions only – BUT only from 2021 when the ground grading is required in full and even then a club can apply to NOT be promoted on the grounds of “finance, travel or security of tenure”. The emphasis will however change as its to apply NOT to go up rather than apply TO go up.

    Regarding 3 into 1 – That is rather more straight forward – the FA expect each of the 3 champions to go up and to make room the bottom 2 will be relegated to step 6 and the champions of that Step 5 Premier Division are indeed mandated to take promotion to Step 4. The difference could be that if all 3 Champions are willing and able to go up, that a side finishing runners-up in say Western Div 1 would miss out, which they currently do not do.


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    Interesting reply with bases covered – time will tell – thank you.

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    You do not mention clubs that are neither in the SWPL nor in a feeder league.

    Does this mean that there would be no chance at all of Torquay United  reserves getting entry to the step 6 league?


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    Phil Hiscox
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    Hi Jon

    I have not had any applications (at least as yet) like that this season but I guess option 2 would be the route as only the FA can place a club direct into the system above Step 7.

    Phil H


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    David Fisher
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    Hi Phil

    Not expecting you to divulge any “secrets” but is there any news as to who has (or has not) applied to join the “new” step 6 leagues?

    I see that the new Jersey club have applied to join the Combined Counties League. Could the CSWPL tempt them away with free pasties or something? Didn’t a Jersey team play in one of the Devon cups at one time?



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    Boston United Pilgrim
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    I went to a meeting at Devon FA with regard Step 7 and if I remember right there is a meeting on 16th January so we might here more then. Yes a Jersey side did play in the Devon Premier several years ago.

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    Phil Hiscox
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    Hi – Indeed FA meeting on January 16th and I believe the applicants will be discussed then, consideration of how next to proceed and then issued with any FA instructions in the days after.

    I was with the Combined Counties Lge Chairman (Chris Conlon) at Chertsey only yesterday and he was telling me of his trip out to Jersey. Cheapest flights are apparently to Gatwick hence Guernsey and now Jersey looked at in terms of the Combined Counties route through the pyramid.

    Several Jersey and Guernsey teams used to enter the Devon Premier Cup, started due to the backing of the Late Jack Walker who at that time owned Jersey European Airways, which after mergers and buyouts is today’s Flybe.


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