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    Attended the funeral today of James Uren.   So many people attended for a really great friendly person who will be missed.  Over a hundred stood outside for the service showing how much he was respected.  Family, Friends, referees, FA Reps.  Lovely tributes and thanks from his family for all the support and wishes.  53 and gave so much – RIP James…[Read more]

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    James was a good servant to the SWPL and enjoyed his games with us and always did a steady job, helping out whenever he could and often at short notice.  He will be missed in the referee world.  He did a lot for local clubs and organised the Crediton Youth 6-a-side tournament referees for many years and I worked with him at those events and he w…[Read more]

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    Poor from refs – its on the website and can be found and I have circulated to all the level 4’s.  Surely they should ask prior to any game ….. or is that too much to assume….

  • Interesting how it came about as the meeting was supposed to be about how it will work and then it would be decided if it would be in for the season.  Not sure when the management committee voted for it so seems nobody had the chance to say No….  Still I guess a weeks notice and some clubs and refs in attendance means it will all work w…[Read more]

  • Congratulations to Stuart Kane, Sam Littlefair and Ciaran Barlow on gaining promtion from the SWPL to Level 3.  Good luck and well deserved all 3.

    Keith Mann

    Match Officials Director


  • Ok won’t get involved unless I hear anything that needs involvement. Hope that any action taken by the official is dealt with by the appropriate authorities.

  • Hi John, is it something that can be actioned? What game was it? Its nice when a referee is praised but I would like to know more and offer support to the official if needed. We need to work on “Respect” and if there is anyway we can improve on this we need to.
    Match Officials Director

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    Good idea Stuart – why don’t you have a go at the FA and put your views forward.  Seems that you often like to “stir” it up a bit here so perhaps your ideas and suggestions would be better placed with the FA rather than moaning about fixtures and how the secretary has to fit them in.  Must be a nightmare job for Phil and I know he works hard on t…[Read more]

  • Have been notified by the FA that two of our level 4 referees have been promoted to Level 3. Congratulations to Phil Eddie and Tim Burley, both Royal Navy FA.

  • Why can’t someone go to the press and put this argument to them and let the full story be made public?  It seems that the clubs that go to the EGM are not fully aware of all the implications or some don’t care as it “does not affect them” and that the D&E league are blind to anyone getting in the way of what they want to do.  Where are the refs f…[Read more]

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